Trash Pickup Day

United Church of Nelson is sponsoring a "Trash Pickup Day" for Earth Day on Sunday April 27th. 

Because we believe that God has created a world to be good and just for all and has called us to be part of God's
continuing action to that end, we make a covenant to sponsor the "Trash Pickup Day" each year.



Our church is participating in "One Great Hour of Sharing" (www.pcusa.org/oghs)
which is a special Lenten offering. Since 1949, Presbyterians and Methodists have
joined with millions of other Christians through One Great Hour of Sharing to share
God's love with people experiencing need.  Our gifts support ministries of disaster
response, refugee assistance and resettlement, and community development that help
people find safe refuge, start new lives and work together to strengthen their families
and communities.

Recognizing that the hope we have in Christ is lived out in our hope for one another, we respond with gifts that
help our sisters and brothers around the world find the hope for a brighter future.