History of the Church

The Centenary Methodist Episcopal Church of Nelson was incorporated in 1867 and eventually became the United
Methodist Church of Nelson. In addition, the First Presbyterian Church of Beecher's Island was organized in 1844
and in the mid 1970's merged with the United Methodist Church of Nelson.  This merger formed the United Church
of Nelson.  The church had two separate ministers for several years, one Presbyterian and one Methodist, who took
opposite weeks throughout the year to hold services.  Everyone attended the services each week, no matter who was
ministering for the day.  This continued for many years: the coming together of the two churches only helped to
strengthen the community bonds.

On June 26, 2005, a Charter Member/Elder Commissioning Service was held including an ordination of church
council elder and dedication of the United Church of Nelson Incorporated.

On March 28, 2008, Rev. Dorothy Densmore was installed as full-time pastor of the United Church of Nelson and
Parkhurst Presbyterian Church in Elkland. Pastor Densmore splits her time between the two congregations.